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A Tour of 5 Historic Bakeries

Famous historic bakeries around the world

Warm, buttery croissants. Sinfully soft ciabatta. Sweet, golden pastries. Do you feel your taste buds tingling yet? Buckle up because I’m taking you on a tour of some of the most historically significant bakeries around the world. Put all of these on your food bucket list because they’re all phenomenal and a must-stop for travelers. They’re all on my must-try list, that’s for sure!

Assorted pastries on a wooden table.
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1. Boulangerie St. Louis – Paris, France

You can’t talk about a world tour of bakeries without starting in France, with the historic Boulangerie St. Louis. Dating back to the 1680s, this bakery retains it’s rustic charm thanks to the antique ovens and time-honored recipes. Capturing the essence of French baking, you’ll find everything here from crusty baguettes to mouth-watering sweet pastries. Get there early for the best selection, and take cash! This top-rated bakery in Paris only takes Euros. With its antique ovens and rustic charm, it guarantees an unforgettable taste of the very essence of French baking.

2. Hofpfisterei – Munich, Germany

Hofpfisterei is a 13th-century bakery and Munich’s oldest bakery. Now a chain of bakeries, they’re known for hand-crafting baked goods made without additives. Forget the beer, while in Munich this historic stop is a must-visit location. 

3. San Francisco Sourdough Symphony – Boudin Bakery, USA

Boudin Sourdough Bakery.
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Our next stop is the New World. Boudin Bakery in San Francisco has been in the yeast business since the Gold Rush era of 1849. Their signature sourdough, so iconic it started a sourdough revolution, is still baked using the original mother dough, making it the ultimate ancestral bread. Fun Fact: The sourdough microbes in San Francisco are so unique, you can’t replicate their signature flavor anywhere else!

4. Antigua Pasteleria del Pozo – Madrid, Spain

Next, hop over to sunny Spain, where baked goods aren’t just food; they’re an art form. The famous Antigua Pasteleria del Pozo in Madrid has been whipping up delectable Spanish pastries since 1830, long before Spanish food was even on the culinary map. Their churros con chocolate have been described as ‘amor a primera vista’- love at first sight!

5. Karaköy Güllüoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey

Karakoy Gulluoglu baklava dessert restaurant and coffee.
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We wrap up the tour on the transcontinental city that straddles Europe and Asia – Istanbul. Karaköy Güllüoğlu has been delighting baklava lovers to gastronomic nirvana since 1825. Each bite of their traditional flaky pastry soaked in sweet syrup is perfection. Get your flaky pastry fix made with pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, and more.

The Final Bite

Truth be told, every croissant, loaf, and baklava comes with a piece of history, a slice of culture, and crumbs of baking ingenuity. So the next time you dig into a crusty baguette in France or a flaky baklava in Istanbul, remember, you are, quite literally, biting into a slice of history! Now pick up that fork, turn off that diet, and enjoy time-honored perfection!


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